Spring / Summer 2017 Collection


The printemps été 2017 collection begins an exciting venture between Firefly Designs Africa * Asia and ellenlondon. Firefly has been creating wearable art (along with ready-to-wear and custom designs) for more than a decade.  Wearers of our designs have repeatedly been “noticed” and “queried” about their art-to-wear clothing. The ensuing dialogues are consistently rich in discussion about countries, cultures and stories.  Our designs have always been – in fact – “moveable” art in the form of fashion – with the potential to promote cultural understanding for those with whom we interact.

With the evolution of ellenlondon Studio, we will deliberately focus on this powerful dynamic – to teach and influence people about other cultures for which there may be negative stereotypes in place.  Understanding and respect – utilizing the “threads” of our wearable art to simply make the world a better place through education.

Textiles created by hand hold the “dreams and thoughts of those who craft them.”  It is not just our hands that are working, but the magical interplay of our thoughts, dreams and creativity.

peace building through textiles and fashion