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Beginning her international journey as a Peace Corps volunteer, in education, and then as a designer – Ellen London has lived and traveled the past 35 years – in Africa, Asia and Europe. Her brands – ellenlondon and Firefly Designs Africa * Asia utilize textiles from all over the world in combination with her own art creating unique clothing.

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2020-2022 Inventory Sale Collection

Each jacket from the ellenlondon studio and Firefly Designs Africa * Asia has been made by hand individually.

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Each of us wants to be our best  – to feel that our life “fits” us –  with the  inspiration, courage, perseverance and motivation to make that happen.  Connect with yourself, feel confident, feel empowered and influence and change your life so that you are in alignment and feeling ready.


Spring Summer (printemps/été) new collections are available for pre-order beginning in October for the next year. For example, Spring/Summer 2019 collection will be available for pre-order October 2018.

Fall winter new collections (automne/hiver) are available for pre-order beginning in March for the same year.  For example, fall/winter 2018 will be available for pre-order March 2018.


Buy pieces from past collections or closed out items. Availability of styles and sizes are limited.


If you’d like to customize a current piece, commission a one-of-a-kind wearable art garment, or have a new piece designed for your particular needs and wants.

connection - understanding - respect

Fall Winter 2023-2024 Collection

Description coming soon….

Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Collection

Life is not a linear continuum.  In the years of the global pandemic, the obvious, the hidden, the light, the dark and new kindness of humanity struggled to migrate through. The best of us  reached outwards and shared goodness and connection. Presence of sickness, loss, loneliness, darkness, greed, but also reaching out to find common ground, connections, deep love for humanity.

Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

Sitting inside we give to our imaginations wandering safely, looking through the glass. This – a special kind of freedom filled with our hopeful imaginings generating ideas as the day’s light shifts altering our perceptions. Between us and the outside is a pane a glass. With a bridge and no glass barrier, a new transcendence – connections to one another. Walk across the bridge and see what’s on the other side

2020-2021 Collection Inventory Sale

40%-60%+ off items.

Each jacket from the ellenlondon Studio and Firefly Designs Africa * Asia has been made by hand individually. 

  • Measurements for each jacket available in our inventory sale are noted. 
  • No special orders or alterations
  • Additional inventory will continue to be added

All items are final sale. No returns or exchanges.

Fall / Winter 2019 Collection

our automne hiver 2019 collector entreats us to acutely examine the colors of the autumn season and to be mindful and humbled by their radiance individually and in combination. Through inclusion the whole becomes more brilliant because of its unique elements.

Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

Striving to reflect an emergence from the daily complex incongruities we experience and to rise from the ground with beauty and grace as does a flower. That which a butterfly does when it flies over traffic at a stop light. Challenging us to rise with hope and possibilities from the shadowy confines of internal and external walls. To work towards inclusion rather than exclusion.

Fall / Winter 2018 Collection

Our neighborhoods, villages, towns and cities are filled with the colors of structures and our individual and collective diversity in our communities. Focusing our lens on a tapestry of color that enhances our lives, making it richer as happens with a painting or tones in a musical composition.

Spring / Summer 2018 Collection

With a focus on understanding through our connections, the collection features east and west African wax and printed fabrics, washed silks and cotton wovens from Thailand, and designer created Japanese Shibori and Nigerian Adire batik techniques on some of our new designs. Indigo and batik have found their place on virtually every continent and are integral components of textiles and the clothes we wear. Our PE 2018 photoshoot celebrates my studio in the Bluegrass state; the beauty of our sunlight here and the medley of our collection’s indigos in my new environs.

Fall / Winter 2017 Collection

Throughout history, textiles and fashion have played many roles – messaging and propaganda (t-shirts), protection (silk map linings in aviator jackets during WWII), conversation prompters, and as therapy responses to illness and conflict.  Quilts that tell stories have been used in health care settings with AIDS patients and during wars in southeast Asia; the embroiderer perhaps stitching the story of life, sadness of leaving one’s home, and hope through the beauty of the colors and stitches.  Other textiles have symbolic motifs and patterns highlighting origin, protection, or simply for the aesthetics.

It is the emotive properties of artisan and handcrafted textiles that make them so powerful.  Ellen London’s automne/hiver 2017 collection of wearable art deliberately combines textiles from different countries and cultures to celebrate the connections and diversity of people.

Spring / Summer 2017 Collection

The printemps été 2017 collection begins an exciting venture between Firefly Designs Africa * Asia and ellenlondon. Firefly has been creating wearable art (along with ready-to-wear and custom designs) for more than a decade.  Wearers of our designs have repeatedly been “noticed” and “queried” about their art-to-wear clothing. The ensuing dialogues are consistently rich in discussion about countries, cultures and stories.  Our designs have always been – in fact – “moveable” art in the form of fashion – with the potential to promote cultural understanding for those with whom we interact.

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