Beginning her international journey as a Peace Corps volunteer, in education, and then as a designer –  Ellen London lived and traveled the past 35 years – in Africa, Asia and Europe. Her brands – ellenlondon and Firefly Designs Africa * Asia utilize textiles from all over the world in combination with her own art creating unique clothing. Clothing is available in ready to wear or custom sizing, with the option of Ellen designing clothing utilizing clients’ own textiles.

With the launch of ellenlondon previewing on the runways in Paris and Washington DC in 2015 and 2016, Ellen focuses deliberately on cultures and nationalities challenged by negative stereotypes.  She conveys through the “moveable” art of fashion that understanding and respect are possible through connection and education.

As an itinerant observer of humanity, textiles and color, Ellen draws her inspiration from working with older women around the world. She restores and rescues many one-of-a kind handcrafted textiles combining them with new fabrics to create vibrant and exciting designs.  Ellen London’s creations have shown in Paris, the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Textiles created by hand hold the dreams and ‘thoughts’ of those who craft them.  It is not just our hands that are working, but the magical interplay of the beauty of clothing and understanding.


Garments with the ellenlondon label have been created in Ellen’s private studio in the USA or the foothills of southern France. Those with the Firefly Designs Africa * Asia are created in Thailand or the USA.

A small group of older women tailors have been trained by Ellen to realize the wearable art designs.  A focus for Ellen continues to be education, self-esteem and empowerment for her tailors and their children.  All garments are created ethically, with the highest quality of materials and workmanship.  We recommend dry cleaning for almost of our garments.

Handcrafted elements:

Ellen’s designs utilize genuine heirloom textiles – original and renewed, creative and new artistic interpretations of global motifs and patterns of textile and texture. Designs may include – but are not limited to ones that include hand painting, embroideries, quilting, felting, knitting.

Connect to something greater than yourself

Some clothing choices are of necessity -basic, routine and functional. Others are grounded on favorite color and fit, or of designer preference. At ellenlondon Studio – although we have a consistent size range (RTW), many of our designs can be custom sewn and shaped especially for you.

Living and traveling the globe since 1976 has fit my gypsy and artistic spirit well.  The gift of it has been seeing the interconnectedness we have to people everywhere.  Our differences may be visible, but our similarities and connections are profound and rich.  Making the purposeful effort to explore and expand this concept through fashion and design has become our “raison d’être”.

Ellen produces two collections annually – été/printemps and automne/hiver.  Each collection has a message and theme.