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My experience in the fashion and design industry has spanned decades continuing to evolve  as I create and design. I have fitted and styled models during Fashion Weeks (DC, Paris, Bangladesh, New York), participated in Trade Shows, styled and exhibited and presented my designs to museums and national and international organizations. I have done photoshoots with women of different ages, shapes, sizes, ages and nationalities.

Whether it is selecting and photographing women for catalogues, watching a model wearing my designs on the runway or doing fittings, HOW a person feels inside is reflected on the outside. Makeup, touch-ups, software can enhance our  image; sometimes that’s all we need to be styled. But when the best parts of our authentic selves are present, the effect is breathtaking.

As a life coach, I will partner with you to identify that which resonates with you, and to find the external aspects to project your image the way you’d like to be seen. We can work together on styling, image, confidence, and then doing the ultimate –you be in alignment with who you are inside and projecting that too.

How will you “show” up for camera, and yourself?

Breathtaking Effect

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