Ellen London Studio at Washington DC Fashion Week 2018

About DC Fashion Week

“Washington, D.C., is not a fashion town. Residents are known for dressing conservatively, if not for wearing clothes that are downright stodgy. But a computer engineer-turned fashion designer believes the nation’s capital is one of the best locations for fashion. VOA’s June Soh met DC Fashion Week founder Ean Williams to learn what the event is all about. Her report is narrated by Faith Lapidus.”

Designers from all over the world who sometimes use textiles from all over the world … “We’ve used textiles such as this from Thailand, mixing it with American textiles.  We also have Assyrian textiles, with Appalachian textiles and I have some textiles I’ve created myself using a Ukrainian technique.  We have handpainted pieces that have pictures that I’ve painted of Beijing. I have West African textiles here.”  Ellen London with her partner from Thailand says her use of textiles from around the world is about diversity and inclusivity. “I believe textiles in fashion have an idea to teach people about understanding and connection of other cultures through fabric.”

The D.C. fashion show philosophy agrees as founder Ean Williams says, “We have started with inclusivity. We started with diverse models, models of different sizes, models of different ages, because we feel fashion is for everyone.” Those attending really like it. The nonprofit show offers opportunities for emerging designers as well as established ones.

The show’s founder has a grander goal, “The hope and goal of DC Fashion Week is that every country send their best design fashion talent to showcase like the Olympics. We want to show the world what fashion community of the world has to offer consumers.”

Ellen London Studio’s Collection at DC Fashion Week

#DCFashionWeek presents The 29th International Collection Couture Showcase Presented by Ellen London, Sep 23, 2018




Article from EPR Retail News on September 24, 2018:

“Washington, D. C., 2018-Sep-24 — With the introduction of her printemps/été 2019, Ellen London strives through her wearable art collection to emerge from the daily complex incongruities we experience and to rise from the ground with beauty and grace as does a flower – “de la sol une fleur doit grandir”.

“Her collection challenges the audience to emerge with hope and possibilities from the shadowy confines of our internal and external walls, and to work towards inclusion rather than exclusion. Focusing on connection, understanding and respect, Ellen London translates these ideas through fabric art – utilizing vintage and new – textiles and techniques – from a myriad of global cultures and countries. Hand painted cities on palettes of silk, and designer felted pieces interpreting color and light are highlights of the collection.

“The ellenlondon Studio SS2019 collection previews at the finale International Couture Runway at DC Fashion Week runway on September 23 2018.”

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